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And as a bonus, perimeter items tend to be fresher than their 'shelf-stable' counterparts found in the center of the store. Go to manufacturers' websites for coupons. Consumers can go directly to manufacturers' websites to find downloadable coupons.

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Coupons are often provided with new products because manufacturers want to entice consumers to sample products. Splurge on your main course. Select a great cut of meat or a homemade main dish and then supplement with easy, convenient and cost-effective ready-to-serve sides, salads, and desserts often found in a store's refrigerated deli or meat department. Food Safety While you're enjoying your pre-planned, affordable tailgating food, Reser's food safety expert, Steve Loehndorf advises to use safe food handling and preparation techniques.

It's easy for food-borne bacteria to quickly multiply, spoiling food and causing illness.

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To stay safe, Loehndorf advises:. Keep products Clean, Cold, and Covered. Use clean serving dishes and utensils, keep products in coolers or on ice whenever possible, and protect against exposure to insects and direct sunlight. Transport food in the passenger area of your car. The trunk of a car can reach a sweltering degrees F, so transport coolers in the passenger area of your car. Keep your cool. Put a blanket over the cooler and place it in the shade to maintain cold temperatures. Minimize the number of times you open the lid by placing beverages in a separate container.

Wash your hands. If no hand washing facilities are nearby, play it smart and pack moist towelettes. Loehndorf also points out that the presence of mayonnaise in summer salads and coleslaws actually contributes to the product's safety. The high acidity of mayonnaise protects against bacterial growth and the potential for food poisoning. By following the advice above, consumers are sure to have a fun, affordable and worry-free tailgating party so they can focus on cheering for their team during the game instead. About Reser's Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Reser's has more than 2, employees and 1,, square feet of space in 12 production and distribution facilities across the country.

Reser's remains a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to creating delicious, wholesome meals that nourish family ties and sustain family traditions. Nice family-owned company culture. Facilities around the country, opportunity to work with many different products and product lines. Good people. Growing company. Stressful to ok at times to work here. Was able to work on my own without extreme time constraints or being micro managed.

Can be stressful during peak hot weather in the summer months with Air Conditioning and Refrigeration of products in trucks. Good benefits including discounts at outlet store, Oregon State tickets and Special Event tickets. Hard work.

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I was pushed to move up in the chain of command in one year I went from a temp position to a production supervisor. I learned a lot from different areas in the manufacturing field loved it. Initially loved working here then the owner passed away. Processing payments from large vendors and customers. Issuing credits and collecting on past due invoices.

The owner of the company was an amazingly generous man when he suddenly passed away the culture changed so much and went from feeling like a family to a hard core corporation. The hardest part of this job was trying to collect on invoices that the customer claimed had damaged product;however, no proof the damage was supplied.

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This meant assisting the customer by educating them on the proper steps necessary to receive credit s. The employees here were wonderful and would step up to assist if you had an issues and needed help. Excellent Work Environment. Excellent and convenient work environment. There is always room for development and growing within the company. Hard and Depressing.

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Good Managers, Shocking. Fun times made stressful. Best place to work if you acknowledge everybody is your enemy, give to everybody before they ask or need, and stay out of line of fire. If somebody at work annoys you or makes inappropriate advances then, they should be your best bosom friend.

Different rules apply to different team members. Great place to work.

Friendly environment with lots of room to grow. Really great mentoring for beginning career path. Sometimes stressful due to time crunching. Expect the best from employees but not without reward. Food production, packaging. Mainly on-call. Help with anywhere I was needed. Another day helping out people a the mixing vats or moving anything into freezer storage.

Loud and cold atmosphere. Couldn't hardly understand anybody because of language barrier. Wonderful work environment. Like to celebrate Holidays and participate in community acivities. Good people that are loyal and friendly.

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Many long term employees. They do not force retirement on older employees, so have a mix of age groups. Lots of heavy machinery, Lots of forklifts. I operate stand up forklifts, pallet jacks,I work in the cold, chill, and hot environments.